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12 Movies like Fight Club - Schizophrenic & Murder Movies


Fight Club is perhaps the world's best movie about schizophrenia. It reflects humanity, as everyone can see themselves represented through Jack as well as Tyler Durden's shadow: those of us in life are Jack, enslaved by materialism, a tedious job and life, while life's dejection constrains our ability to breathe. However, we lack the ability to change and are still deluded into thinking that we can become Tyler Durden and want to do something that we are unable to do. ...

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9 Great Fantasy Movies Like Lord of the Rings


Fantasy movies have recently increased in popularity! Their themes are not only related to the Middle Ages, but have fundamental elements that are magic or related to the supernatural. These movies have always attracted many movie fans due to their richly imaginative content. We have assembled 9 movies that are similar to The Lord of the Rings. Let’s take a look. ...

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Natalie Portman Sexy Pictures


Natalie Portman is absolutely beautiful and the proof is in the pictures. We gathered Natalie Portman’s sexy pictures because she’s an A-List actress with an A+ body. So take a break to enjoy this blend of hot pics of Natalie Portman from bikini and/or lingerie shoots. ...

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